Sunday, 7 December 2014


Hello blogging friends!
 I'm a bit behind this much to do and so little time to do it all in, but then if I had finished all that I had planned then I would only find even more to do!

So how is the weekend going?.fast you say?............ well yes so is mine, but what I really meant is, are you doing anything special or nice? I hope so.

Hubby is on a long weekend to use up his annual leave so we are putting up decorations, wrapping parcels and trying to hopefully feel organised by the end of it all.I think a long week would be better judging by the length of the list!

On to my card which is for my mum and Step Dad.I can't take any credit here for the design.At the NEC I bought some Sparkle medium, acetate and stencils from Imagination Crafts and I have only just got around to playing with it. This is what I did, and even though I watched it demoed it was all a bit trial and error.............practice makes perfect.....perhaps by Easter!

Apologies for the pictures.The sun was shining (a rarity I know these days) and the acetate over the front of the card reflected so much light I had to seek out the best place for the pics..........on the bed in the spare room....very professional I know.but you don't mind do you?

I am sure you have seen this type of card before but in case you haven't here is a summary of what I did.

I used the fir tree stencil and diamond paste on to the printed background (also imagination crafts), but it didn't show up as much as I liked so I let it dry, replaced the stencil and used silver.....much better. I then did the same on a piece of acetate slightly bigger than my base.
The printed base was mounted on to a card base...I had to cut this myself as bought card bases are smaller than the printed sheet and I didn't want to sacrifice any of the design.The acetate is attached(glued) on the left side and a punched border glued over this. On the right I attached the border and then the free end of the acetate just tucks under the border. This way it goes flat for posting.........but bows out to display the card. Greeting inside on an insert.
Quite fiddly till I got the acetate to the right size and it is only just about 1/4 inch bigger than than the card base in the end.

Well I would love to stay and chat with you all but we are heading off to lunch with my Step-Dad's family today so I had best go and get myself glammed up a bit!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks for stopping by in your busy schedules. I will catch up with you all when hubby is back at work!!

Take care, keep warm and well.
Carole xx


  1. Holy moley, Carole, your card is amazing! The 3D-ish effect is...loss for words! Utterly fabulous, brilliant, effective and cool! The wintry wonderland scene; how inviting it looks, tempting me to put on my jacket and mitts, nestle a scarf around my neck, lace up my boots and go for a stroll! Simply gorgeous! Hope the list of tasks shortens, that you have a marvelous lunch with your step-dad's family, and that the rest of your week is filled with joy, and crafting, of course *grin*. Your visits to my blog: happy making! THANK YOU!!

  2. Brilliant card today this is amazing I love acetate and this looks just perfect. Your Christmas preparation sounds a bit like mine one job done add another two on the list to do!! hope you enjoyed your lunch a nice bit of relaxation for you both Take Care Love and hugs Carole x

  3. Gorgeous card. Love the design. Hugs, Carol S.xx

  4. Wow! This really is absolutely beautiful! I love the scene,and the silver glitter trees, and the 3D look...awesome!!!! Have a great week!

  5. oh wowwww Carole!!! This is GOR-GEOUS beyond words! Love Love Love it very much and love how the acetate curves forward! BeauuuuutifuL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend!

    Big Hugs,

  6. Wow Carole!! This is fabulous!!.. clever girl:)... The blue and silver go together so beautifully... hope you had a lovely lunch with your step Dad... hope we can have a chat sometime this week:)
    Marjorie x

  7. Oh wow, Carole - this is so stunning! Such a magical creation, I love the beautiful sparkle and winter scene.

  8. This is ever so lovely and looks really complicated! Well done, it's fab xx