Friday, 8 August 2014

With Sympathy

Good Evening friends!...well it's raging a thunderstorm here at the moment and the streets are like rivers and the plants in the garden are taking a real battering.I hope it is better where you are though from the weather forecast it is pretty widespread.

Another week has passed us by and not a lot of crafting I have to's been hectic...the boiler is broken so no hot water, we have been busy trying to sort a replacement as quickly as possible, but it looks like the end of next week.good job its not winter and we need the heating, though I have to say a tepid shower is not the best, but better than nothing!

On to the crafting...and that's not much happier...a Sympathy card! We all have to send them at some time though. This was quite quick for know how I dither, but I had seen similar designs out there on the internet and blogs so I cannot take all the credit for the design, I adjusted it to my own needs though.Once I know what I want to achieve it seems to come together.

I made abase card from linen textured card and then cut mat to fit the front from the same card. I cut the Lucienne Tile (Memory Box) from one side and then placed black card behind it and mounted it with foam pads on to the base. The Chloe Stem (also Memory Box) was cut from the same black card and stuck on the front. A stamped greeting at the bottom.

So there we have it...I am pleased with the effect and as on other blogs it looks good in different colours for different occasions.

Whatever you are doing this weekend...enjoy...tomorrow is forecast to be the best day....if you believe the forecast that is! Sunday could be a craft day.
Take care everyone and thanks for stopping by and thank you too for all the lovely comments you leave me that spur me on and make me very happy!

Carole xx


  1. Hiya Carole, it looks great and linen cardstock is a fabulous choice x Didn't manage to get mine done, it's on the Sunday job list... Weather been great here, we've been lucky! ST's having a Spellbinders sale... I NEED to go! Hope you ok, seen the LOTV workshops? Fancy it? x

  2. Hi Carole, Lovely card and sometimes you just have to make these cards. I have to make loads for my card outlets. enjoy your weekend. hugs, Carol S.xx

  3. oh I have a couple of these cards to do and this is so classy and elegant very inspirational
    hugs Kate xx

  4. Nice card Carole, always a difficult card to make but you have done a super job.
    Hugs Jacee
    Simply Paper Card Design

  5. Great design and looks so good I do love that memory box Chloe stem so pretty. hope you get your boiler fixed quickly and enjoy the weekend I'm planning crafting on Sunday so going out today to make the most of the nice weather while it lasts love and Hugs Carole x

  6. Very pretty sympathy card, I love the chloe die, it's on my wish list. Hope the sun comes out soon, and the boiler gets fixed!

  7. Hi Carole, oh no cold showers - hope it gets fixed soon. Maybe a trip to a nice hotel until it's fixed?

    Liz x

  8. Sorry to hear about your hectic week! Your card is stunning. I find sympathy cards difficult to make but this is so elegant.

  9. Hi Carole! It seems the weather has been so odd all over the place! :( Your sympathy card is BEAUTIFUL! I too find them extremely hard to make .. but you have done such a WONDERFUL job!

    Big Hugs,

  10. Carole, your visits and comments at my blog add such sparkle and smiles to my day. What a sweetheart you are, and what a long way your encouragement goes in boosting my confidence. Thank you!! So sorry to hear you needed to create a sympathy card, but oh lovely, elegant and gentle it is, as such cards ought to be. Those receiving it will be touched by your creativity and thoughtfulness, as am I. As for your weather: yuck! Torrents of rain running down the street is frightening! Last year, in June, our town, as well as others in the province, were ravaged by immense floods (the '100 year flood' that wasn't supposed to happen). Even thought we were evacuated for a couple days, we were fortunate not to sustain any damage, unlike others. A significant number of homes along the creek bed - that turned into something monstrous - were severely damaged with a few being declared unfit as residences. Over the past year, monumental flood mitigation construction has transformed the creek into pretty much a 'concrete and tiled' waterway...huge money, but hopefully, something that will withstand the water, should the event repeat. Scary stuff...especially since we, in general, got off lucky compared to people in other parts of the province. Your broken boiler: nuisance! I'm with you in disliking tepid showers! Fingers crossed all is fixed by now and that you find some crafty time!! Happy Wednesday!!