Friday, 31 January 2014


Hello friends.
Well that is another week gone ....and January too! It's cold and wet again here today and I fear that the white fluffy soft stuff may not be too far away.

Here's my card, straightforward and for my friends hubbies birthday this coming week, hope they are not sneaky peeking!

It's an indigo blu stamp which I embossed with clear powder and the celebration was cut from a sheet of paper with all different words on it.

Now there is a tale to tell. If you remember last weekend we were visiting my best friend, a nice weekend apart the weather.....and what I am about to tell you - (this card is for her hubby) - ok
the sentiment on this card relates to what I am about to tell you

A few good friends ....YES speaks for itself
the best bottle of wine..........this is where it all went horrible......... Red wine, Sunday dinner... I guess you are ahead of me here. Yes my hubby sadly knocked over his glass of red wine...all over the table...and the cream carpet...(which was new of course)...and down the wall! ...(yes newly decorated)! Get the picture?.... Shock....horror. You can imagine how we felt and my poor friend must feel about her carpet.
Memories forever........unfortunately not as the sentiment intended in this case, but I guess we won't forget it in a hurry.How can one small glass of wine go so far!!

The carpet is back to almost normal (or so she says) and the wall has been painted!
I wonder if I am still her best friend?.............and we still feel so dreadful about it all.
I wonder when the card is opened next week if they will laugh ..or cry! the card was made BEFORE all this happened though.

Right I shall enter this in Crafty Cardmakers Challenge 108 -  Black and White

Well I will if linky and the blog will let me!
Have a good weekend friends whatever you do!...but don't spill the wine!!
Carole xx


  1. I know I shouldn't but I am laughing so hard here! Your poor friend. If you are still her best friend then she really is a true one, lol

    You must have a psychic side to you, why else would you choose such an emotive sentiment for her hubby's card! I do hope they have a good sense of humour, lol

    Thanks for sharing your fabulous card with us, and also your story, but please keep your red wine stains to yourself, and don't share them with my carpet. Thanks for making me smile on a dismal looking Saturday morning

    Crafty Cardmakers and More

  2. What a fantastic story. Have been there myself, although it was my own new carpet that I spilt the bottle over. Fab card. thanks for joining us at CCM&M this time. Cxxx

  3. Fabulous card, and like Lin I did laugh... just a little bit :O)
    Thank you for joining in with my challenge at Crafty Cardmakers and More.
    hugs Kimx

  4. Hello Carole, What a fabulous card, I can understand how you feel, I bet your heart sank:(.. but these things happen, and she seems as though she might have forgiven you lol!...
    You've made some lovely cards, hope to see you soon, we are already out of January and well on the way to the start of the craft show season..
    Take care,
    Marjorie xx

  5. Hi Carole, I love your CAS design - it looks so effective!

  6. Carole! Oh my goodness!!! Hopefully it will keep you all amused on many more wine-drinking evenings to come!
    Understated and elegant, fabulous card.
    Hope you are having a good week xxx

  7. OoOh Carole! :( Gosh, I'm so sorry to hear about the wine. :( I know you must feel awful .. but I'm most certain that your best friend won't hold that against you. Accidents always happen, and when they receive your beautiful card .. I know it will definitely make them giggle when they read the sentiment!

    Sending Big Hugs,

  8. Oh, how upset you must have been Carole, but I'm sure your friends will forgive you and hubby, and you will all laugh about it in years to come! Your card is fab. and what a coincidence that it's a wine themed card!!

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog - I have just been taking a peek at your lovely work and am now a follower. Sylvia x

  9. Oh no! Remind me to never invite you to my place!! Best stick to vodka - it doesn't stain! Perfect card, Liz x