Monday, 19 August 2013

"Piggin" Birthdays!

Last week saw me busy with a Birthday cake for friends who had a joint 60th celebration! One birthday was back in July and the other is still to come in September, a married couple so I had to be careful not to make it look like an wedding anniversary cake for 60 years!
She(Helen) likes pigs (hence the blog post title) and he(Steve) likes mini cars - so the colour scheme was born of pink and green and a two tier sponge cake. I decided on polka dots and I made a large 60 for the top of the cake, a pink sugar pig - and bought the mini- I just hadn't the time to make one! Steve used to own a racing green mini in his erm dare I say younger days! - hence the green choice.

It says Happy Birthday on the top, sorry that doesn't show on the picture, and their names on the bottom tier.
A good time was had by all at the "do" and they were very pleased with the cake - thank goodness! It tasted good too - I don't always get to try my creations!

So I have had no time for paper crafting and the wedding cake was side-lined for a few days - so back to the grind once more and up to my elbows in marzipan and icing. The kitchen smells lovely!

Will be back soon with the start of the wedding peeks so please stop by again, and if you would like to leave me a comment it would be vey much appreciated.
Thanks for taking the time to drop in!
Take care friends.
Carole xx


  1. Wow! This is stunning Carole!! Love the design and Candice would love your pink piggy lol!!
    Hope you are managing to get around a little more:)
    Marjorie xx

  2. Oh my GOSH! This is AMAZING! Wow wow wow!!!! I absolutely LOVE it!

    Big Hugs,